Friday 28 February 2014

Near Disaster?

I had a nasty scare this evening as I stood on the pool side waiting for the kids group to get out and our session to start.

All of a sudden the emergency alarms went off. The coach began to lead everyone on the pool side to the emergency exit.

I didn't fancy standing around outside in my cossie in sub zero temperatures not to mention the havoc this disaster would cause to my attempt to swim every day.

Fortunately the alarm died and we were able to resume our activities,
so the 2014 February Fitness Challenge came to an end at Gosforth pool this evening with a fairly unassuming session.

If I'm being honest I was pretty knackered and couldn't really muster any enthusiasm to swim the fast
bits fast but I puttered along and  covered just over 2,800 metres to take my monthly total past the 100k mark.

I'm just contemplating having tomorrow off.....

600 warm up 300 free, 200 back, 100 best
6 x 50 @ 15 s RI no 1
2 x 100 @ 20 s RI hard
2 x 75 @ 15 s RI Hard 0 easy
4 x 50 @ 60s
8 x 25 @ 40
4 x 50 @ 60s
2 x 75 @ 15 s RI Hard 50 easy
2 x 100 @ 20 s RI hard
525 metres swim down
2825 metres total
101,875 metres 

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