Sunday 2 February 2014

Introducing the devil incarnate Evil Mutant Swim Coach 666

Day 2 of the February Sufferama and the disaster which was anticipated here was  averted with a bit of forward thinking (now that's a Binge first)

The Consett Masters session was cancelled today, but Newcastle Masters came to my rescue suggesting I might like to drop onto their session at Gosforth.

Now I have to confess that I had mixed feelings about accepting this kind invitation as it meant swimming with yet another swim coach who has of course now earned the title of Evil Mutant Swim Coach 666.

Devotees of this column may be forgiven for thinking that my challenge has morphed from a mile a day into trying to swim with every single swim coach in the North East; and if you are being super observant you will have noticed that I have miss numbered this particular individual, who should rightly be six point zero but it seemed to me the number of the beast was apposite because we have history me and EMSC 666.

Not always good either but the highlights did include his coaching me a mere 26 years ago when I set my lifetime PB's for breaststroke and I was reminded that he does have a great eye for technique and timing when he gave me some stroke correction pointers during the breaststroke sprints. However making me swim 6 x 25's fly simply added to the justification for calling him 666.

The turn around times were do able but I'm not sure that you could properly call the sets of 6 x 25's sprints; but I survived them probably swimming at a slightly faster pace then my usual "plod" I think it's a pace deserving of the term "plod plus".

I really enjoyed my swim with the Newcastle lot, they were friendly and welcoming and Rachel very kindly let me lead the lane, (I soon realised that she was tons faster than me but was politely giving me about 15 seconds head start!)

One thing though I didn't catch Peter at the end of the session to pay for my swim so I owe them a fiver, I'm good for it honest and I'm sure I'll be back there before the month's out. Cheers guys and thanks.

4 x 4 x 75 @ 10s RI Medley order 25 kick 50 swim (only managed 14 of them)
3 x 4 x 100 @ 2:15 as
  No 1  50 free, 25 fly kick 25 fly swim (drill in my case)
  No 2  50 free, 25 back kick 25 back swim
  No 3  50 free, 25 brst kick 25 best swim
  No 4  100 IM
4 x 6 x 25 @ 40 secs (sprints!) medley order
12 x 50's pull with paddles @ 70 secs 1-6 free, 7 -12 best
50 swim down
3500 metres

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