Tuesday 25 February 2014

Evil Mutant Swim Coach mixes it up while Nessy gets keen

Only three days left and I just can't wait to have a day off.

Although all this commitment has been worth it as there are definite signs that I am a better swimmer then I was at the beginning of the month. (admittedly not much better but at least I can now get under 45 for a 50 free)

Nessy turned up again this evening and was mad keen as our own Rob Ness Monster led the lane out for most of the session, a much better effort than last Tuesday's I reckon at this rate he'll have to migrate into the top lane. I was late as usual and missed the first 10 minutes of warm up.

Just when you think you've got a particular Evil Mutant Swim Coach worked out he goes and throws you a curve ball.

I mean for a kick off he made us start at the other end of the pool! So we had to congregate between sets at the deep end, I mean that takes a bit of effort to hang on the wall rather than just standing around.

Then he gave the teckneek set a complete body swerve and finally he made us do a 50m sprint from a dive! eek!

All that extra effort climbing out the pool and I managed a measly 37.5 and that was with a flyer. (old age and treachery) I saw on Twitter the other day that there's a special place in hell for people who leave the wall 2 seconds early! I know that my custom built spot is ready and waiting.

4 x 50's @ 60
400 free
200 drill
4 x 50's @ 60
3 x 200 @ 3:30 no 1 catch/up, no 2 DPS, no 3 stroke
6 x 50's sprint @ 1:40
3 x100 @ 2:10 brst no1 drill, no 2 DPS, no 3 stroke
4 x 50 brst sprint @ 1:40
200 easy
3 x 200 @ 3:45 no 1 catch/up, no 2 DPS, no 3 stroke
6 x 50's sprint @ 1:40
3 x100 @ 2:20brst no1 drill, no 2 DPS, no 3 stroke
3 x 50 brst sprint @ 1:40
100 Easy
50 from a dive 37.5 (with a flyer)
225 swim down
4225 metres total

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