Saturday 15 February 2014

Binge and the February Fitness Challenge Part II

I struggled to drag myself out of bed this morning and missed Gateshead's session. It was only an hour having been curtailed by a kids age group meet, so I opted for the lie in and the Triathlon session this afternoon.

They've had an influx of fast kids since I was last there so I ended up at the back of lane 2 although by the time the main set came around I'd worked my way to second spot and held on for grim death.  I struggled a bit on the kick set (God I hate kick).

This afternoon's efforts took me over 50k metres for the month and 100k for the year.

2 x 300 @ 6 mins 75 swim, 25 pull,
4 x 100 @ 2 mins 75 swim 25 kick
6 x 50 @ 70 25 swim 25 drill
5 x 400 @ 7 mins 50 drill 300 swim 50 drill
8 x 50 kick @ 70s
8 x 50 pull with paddles @ 60s
300 pull swim down
4400 metres

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