Sunday 23 February 2014

Here's one I made earlier.

Off to Gosforth for my final Sunday swim during the February Fitness Challenge and for some reason my counting in these daily totalisers...

Wow there's a blast from the past was it Blue Peter that had a totaliser for their Christmas Appeal? where you would save silver milk bottle caps to make a new lifeboat out of.....blimey silver milk bottle caps remember them.

Well to get back to the point (get down Shep!) for some reason my totaliser has lost 200 metres but both of my current swim logs are recording the same 81,200 metres

I'll bow to the superior calculating power of a spreadsheet over the "here's one I made earlier" totaliser and put in a correction.

I've swum over 28k this week and I can feel every screaming muscle in my back, shoulders, fact you name it and it's aching.

Now this afternoon's highlight was a breaststroke technique set, EMSC 666 mentioned to me he'd been reading my blog (funny really I didn't think he was that educated) and right on cue out came the technique! Now I understand that not everybody is that enthusiastic when the technique involves breaststroke and particularly as the drills were quite difficult.

The best though was breaststroke legs where instead of a simultaneous leg action you swam one kick with the left leg and one with the right consecutively... boy was that a weird sensation it felt as if you were riding a bike in the water... Anyway Kate Nicholson struggled with the drill and eventually collapsed in fits of laughter in the middle of the pool which set the rest of the squad off in hysterics as she giggled and chuckled her way painfully slowly to the end.

Nice one to end on though.

6 x 50 @ 55 free
6 x 50 @ 55 drill
6 x 50 @ 55 free
2 x 100 free @ 1:50
4 x 50 @ 60 sec back
8 x 25 @ 40 free
2 x 200 free @ 3:30
12 x 25 free @ 40s own choice
2 x 150 br/st @ 3:30
12 x 25 free @ 40s
600 with paddles and fins
300 br/st drills and technique work
25m to rescue a hoop on the bottom
3725 total

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