Sunday 2 February 2014

EMSC 5.0 butters up BInge

Interesting day at work on Monday, there I was standing next to my desk when there was an almighty crash and the window came in. I looked up to see some teenager legging it ironically in the direction of the police station.

It must've been a very slow crime day in Consett because the local plod turned up virtually immediately to take a statement, and a description of the fleeing youth.

Their arrival was so swift I'm sure they probably bumped into the offender on their way across. They said they would check the CCTV (pointing in the wrong direction)

I was pretty sure that I wouldn't recognise the individual again and my ID would fall foul of all of the R v Turnbull guidelines. To give them credit they realised they were flogging the proverbial dead horse so I didn't have to give a statement ending in the immortal phrase "no one had any right or authority to hurl bricks at my window".

Now swimming on Tuesday proved interesting, firstly Evil Mutant Swim Coach 5.0 turned up muttering about some column in the Swimming Times and wondering how he came to feature somewhat unfavourably in it! Then during our technique set, he was very complimentary about my execution of the back/free rollover drill, (an unusual attack of modesty prohibits me from repeating his actual phrase)

It struck me that he was clearly worried that he may feature in future episodes, ahh the power of the press!

50 m free (got in late)
3 x 400 @ 7:30
as 200 free 200 back
    200 free 200 best
   100 breathing 3's 100 breathing 5's
3 x 6 x 50's @ 75 1st set ba, 2nd set brst 3rd set free
as 1-2 sprint first 15 m
    3-4 hard in and out of turn
    5-6 sprint last 15 m
26 x 25 back and free tecnique set back/free rolloover drills
12 x 100 @ 1:45
   1-4 breathe every 4 strokes
   5-8 breathe every 5 strokes * sneaky extra 30 secs rest
   9-10 breathe every 6 strokes
  11-12 breathe every 7 strokes
300 swim down
4400 metres

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