Monday 17 February 2014

Calling International Rescue (well help from Binge)

I'd just sat down to eat my dinner this evening when my mobile phone went off. It was a distraught husband who had suffered a puncture in his tyre on his cycle home and needed rescuing.

So Binge leapt into action, (well once I'd finished my dinner). It was a pretty awful night and I rescued the forlorn Bob and his Phat Bike sheltering under a railway bridge in Birtley.

We then had an interesting 10 minutes trying to fit said Phat bike into the back of a Ford Fiesta which led to the inevitable argument about whose car was better. His logic was his was best because his Bike fitted better! who on earth wants to evaluate a car on the ability to stuff a fat ugly and puncture prone bike into the back of it?

We were eventually successful but only after I'd pushed the passenger seat so far forward Bob had to sit with his chin on his knees as I drove him back to his car (karma)

It reminded me that as a kid my brother was  a big Thunderbird fan, and he was insistent that their call sign F.A.B stood for Fund A Birds.

Anyway I was back in time to collect my swimming gear and make the Consett session which was hard work I am suffering a bit with this cumulative effort but only 11 more days to go.

200 free @ 3:30
6 x 33 drill@ 45
133 free @ 2:30
4 x 33 drill@ 40
66 @  80
2 x 33 drill @ 35
2 x 200 @ 3:30 free
8 x 33 @ 40s
3 x 133 @ 2:20 free
4 x 66 @ 80s
4 x 100 @ 1:45
2 x 100 @ 2 mons
6 x 66 @ 1:10
566 swim down
4033 metres

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