Sunday 16 February 2014

Binge Finds Second Gear (and might not be quite as senile as she thinks)

I've quite taken to the Newcastle Session on a Sunday afternoon, whilst it's a bit of a drag to drive over to Gosforth, I like the fact I'm swimming 25 metres instead of 33 and there are proper lane eraser lane ropes (less chop).

As much as I hate swimming anything but freestyle in training, a bit of variety and swimming medleys is probably good for me. The quality stuff at the end of today's session was totally lung busting but proved to me that I'm beginning to find another gear. It's all pretty slow still, but it seems to be gradually improving.

I was swimming behind Peter French who kindly commented that I had shown a marked improvement since the first session I had attended (a mere 2 weeks ago). Thanks for the encouragement Peter I did drive home with a smile on my face.

That's the problem with getting older, it's difficult to tell whether the rubbish way you are swimming is down to your lack of training and complete unfitness or whether it's simply down to the fact that you are fast approaching senility and your physical abilities are deteriorating as quickly as your mental functioning.

350 free @ 6:30
12 x 25 kick @ 45s
8 x 50's up IM order down free @ 70 s
2 x 200 IM @ 4mins
4 x 100 alternate 100 back @ 2:10, 100 best @ 2:15
400 free @ 7 mins
8 x 50's IM order @ 70s
2 x 100 broken 10s @ 50 @ 2:40
4 x 50's broken 10s @ 25 @ 2:30
200 broken 10s @ 50 and 100, and 10s @ 125,150 & 175
450 swim down
3700 metres

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