Sunday 9 February 2014

A glimmer of hope?

As you might've guessed I've been catching up on my blogging this evening and I know you've all been worried that my February Fitness Challenge has spectacularly crashed and burned, but no I've just had a bit of a busy week and keeping this self indulgent waffle up to date has taken second place.

After the excitement of a night out in the company of Trafford Masters yesterday, it was back to Newcastle Masters Session this afternoon. I have come to the conclusion that I am obviously suffering from a bout of OCD. For some obscure reason I thought I would probably cover 800 metres more than if I swam at Consett, so as a sop to my developing masochism I found myself back at Gosforth pool with EMSC 666.

Despite this being my 9th consecutive day in the pool I really enjoyed the session except the fly, oh and the kick and the nasty 50's at the end, and now you come to mention it the backcrawl and the IM weren't too good either.

I was almost beginning to feel like a swimmer again, no doubt assisted by having some pull with paddles work. The 50's at the end were excruciatingly painful but definitely faster than plod plus, and probably represented a minor breakthrough, maybe there's life in the old dog yet.

Now there's an interesting dynamic going on between Evil Mutant Swim Coach 666 and the swimmers in the water. It's quite unlike anything I've ever encountered before and does make me chuckle so I plan to attend a couple more sessions there to savour this.

350 free @ 6:30
150 back @ 3:00
2 x 100 brst @ 2 mins
2 x 25 fly drill
200 IM
2 x 100 back @ 2:00
4 x 50 brst @ 70 secs
6 x 25 fly @ 45 secs
8 x 50 @ 70 kick with fins
2 x 50 free kick with fins
6 x 50 @ 70 back kick with fins
4 x 50's @ 70 free kick with fins
600 pull with paddles
3 x 50 @ 2 min RI
400 pull with paddles swim down

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