Sunday 4 May 2014

February Fitness Madness over and Binge is still swimming (although not for long)

March started so well as I made the first Sunday session in March but it was all downhill from there.

It turned out that this Sunday set was a comfortable little session under the watchful gaze of EMSC 666.

With the hard work from the last two months beginning to pay dividends there was no stopping me....

Or was there!

Exhibiting extremely dodgy personal judgement with a healthy dose of predictable bingeness I didn't make it back into a pool until the end of April. Lots of excuses including professional engagements, and the approaching end of our financial year and the killer excuse simply couldn't be bothered, the settee and telly was always more inviting than the trip to the pool.

I also forgot to post this set so as usual I'm playing catch-up blogging (some 9 weeks later)

1000 warm up 50 free, 25 back, 25 breast
10 x 25 kick no 1, 10 x 25 pull no 2
5 x 50 brst @ 65 s hard
5 x 50 free @ 60 moderate
10 x 50 free @ 60
10 x 25 free @ 35
10 x 25 brst @ 35
6 x 75's odds 25 fly, 25 back, 25 free steady, even 25 back, 25 free 25 brst hard
350 swim down
3800 metres


  1. Aha Binge - I have well and truly beaten you at couch surfing! Looks like you managed only 2 months to my 20 years!

  2. Ahh Judith, as usual an inspiration to me!