Sunday 4 May 2014

The Comeback Continues.

There was only three of us turned up for swimming this afternoon, I suspect everyone else was away for the weekend, (an all too sensible way to spend the May Bank Holiday).

For the saddo's who were unable to conjour up the imagination to get away we were subjected to a horrible set. (I'm sure it might've been quite good if I'd been anywhere near fit.)

EMSC 1.0 was trying to persuade me that as the set went on I was going to get more rest. He also wanted to drop the turn around times on the second set. Sorry coach in your dreams.

I'm not normally a defeatist when I'm training and I'll give most things a try but it was painfully obvious that as I was repping 66's on a very slow 68 for the 2 length swims there was no way I was going to make a 3:30 turn around time for the 200's. To his credit EMSC 1.0 assessed the state I was in and relented.

The only saving grace was no 100's and no swimming tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

200 free, 133 pull, 66 kick
133 swim, 66 pull
66 swim
3 x 200 @ 3:45
3 x 133 @ 2:30
3 x 66 @ 1:30
2 x 200 @ 3:45
2 x 133 @ 2:30
2 x 66 @ 1:30
233 swim down
2833 Total

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