Wednesday 29 February 2012

That's all folks (well for 336 days anyway)

So with a bit of a whimper and a couple of pretty severe attacks of cramp, the February Fitness Challenge came to an end.

I know I have a propensity to be an anorak so here's just some of the stats. 29 days and 29 swims (although a couple were by the skin of my teeth.) 7 different pools,  93,600 metres, 24.3% of my 2012 total completed, at cost of £72.70 (not including travel costs).

Although I swam everyday I was about 8400 metres shy of last year's total. I'm really looking forward to a couple of chlorine free days. Here's how I finished it off.

400 warm up
2 x 200 66 drill, 33 sprint @ 20 sRI
100 steady @ 2mins
2 x 66 @ 80
3 x 33 @ 40
7 x 200 @ 3.30,
no 1 steady,
no 2 33 hard 166 steady,
In respect of this year's February Fitness Challenge
no 3 66 hard 133 steady
no 4 100 hard 100 steady
no 5 133 hard 66 steady
no 6 166 hard 33 steady
no 7 200 hard
200 kick
4 x 133 @ 2.20
no 1 3 hard, 1 steady
no 2 2 hard 2 steady
no 3 1 hard 3 steady
no 4 easy
200 pull
3 x 66's
no 1 steady @ 2 mins
no 2 33 steady, 33 hard
no 3hard
200 swim down

For now anyway!


  1. Binge – you have a lot to answer for!! After discovering your blog just before the New Year, I too got my trusty swim log up and swimming and some how found myself with the target of a million meters! And decided to go for the FFC, so have also gone through the trials and tribulations of February. So thank you for your accounts, it proved very reassuring when I hit the FFC fatigue wall and struggled to throw myself into a pool after work.
    And yes I did the T30 and even managed the one-hour BLDSA swim. My colleagues have now changed my nickname to Nim-Nuts! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed a rest day today; perhaps I can cope without a chlorine fix!

    Well done on your successful completion of 29/29, I look forward to following your continued progress of your mile a day challenge.

  2. Morning Nim-Nuts,

    How far did you cover in Feb? I'm well impressed with a target of a million metres, that is truly scary, that's like swimming the FFC every month.

    When you send your entry off to Dave Ratcliff (FFC supremo drop him a line to say hello from over here) oh and buy the t shirt so I can pick you out at meets and we can commiserate with each other.


  3. Hi Binge

    I managed just over 120k, so pretty chuffed with that and it certainly knocked a good few meters off the swimlog goal. Though swimlog now wants more! I think not!!
    Being keen to celebrate the end of the challenge the entry went in via the online route on Thursday, so sorry to say I didn’t go for the T-shirt option. But I’ll say hello at GB’s.
    All the best


  4. Hi Nim Nuts (I just love that)

    That's like proper swimming, my body can't cope once I get up to 30K in a week I start to fall apart.(even when I was a kid or at least much younger.)

    I wouldn't pay any attention to the swimlog it generally doesn't know what it's talking about and it's not clever enough to cope with real swimmer's eccentricities....

    See you round