Saturday 11 February 2012

TGIF but only 800

Things just went from bad to worse today following the early morning refuelling snafu. My business partner's car conked out, leaving me to step in and deal with a court hearing in the local magistrates.

Grabbing the file I set off to represent a feisty but delightful and selectively hard of hearing (specifically couldn't hear the unpalatable bits of advice ) 94 year old who was being victimised by the DVLA. They had the audacity to revoke the individual's driving licence.

I was eventually saved after 90 minutes of getting nowhere by my business partner turning up to relieve me.

As often is the case lunch time seemed to disappear without me noticing, and be the end of the day I'd well and truly had enough and was desperate to collapse on the settee with the Friday night ritual of Beer, Pizza and Trashy Telly! Teenage Triathlete insisted I took a swim so I dragged myself into the pool for 800 and actually felt better for it, so 10 days 10 swims the challenge is still on

800 free

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