Thursday 2 February 2012

Day 2 and counting

I spent a couple of hours late afternoon attending a career's fair with teenage triathlete, and secretly quite enjoyed the talks on "how to get into med school" and "what it's like being a doctor" although I think it might be a bit premature as she's only 14 at the moment.

I of course played the role of pack horse as she managed to collect about 50 prospectuses (or is it prospecti) which I dutifully carted around for her. Ah well a bit of unscheduled weight training and an impressive waste of trees.

As I was down on Tyneside anyway I dropped into the session at Gateshead Leisure Centre; where we blasted through the following rather unimaginative set.

Day 2 of the February Fitness Challenge and so far so good. Awesome Emma let slip that she'd managed to swim both days and this was her second session of today, I think she's trying to live up to her Blog listing.

600 Warm up 25 free, 25 alternate back or breast
2 x 300 @ 5mins
4 x 150's @ 2.45
6 x 100 @ 1.50 progressive (in my dreams)
4 x 50's up IM order down free @ 60s
200 swim down
2,800 metres

The link to the February Fitness Challenge website is

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