Thursday 16 February 2012

School Shoes, Red Vans And Teenage Triathletes

It's half term and in the course of a discussion about needing a pair of new school shoes, teenage triathlete suggests that she goes and buys a pair at the metrocentre during the week.

Saves me a job I think, so the day dawns and she asks me for money to buy shoes and without thinking or even more foolishly discussing the matter further I hand over 30 quid.

To my horror she turns up about 5 hours later thrilled with her new pair of red Vans! What about the school shoes?  I ask, "you never said anything about school shoes when you gave me the money" Why do I feel like I've been conned!

So tonight's session, arrived late missed half the warm up and it was eyeballs out for the rest of the time.

4 x 50's @ 50 secs
4 x 50's @ 45 secs
100 IM @ 2 mins
200 IM @ 4 mins
400 IM @ 8 mins
200 IM @ 4 mins
100 IM @ 2 mins
8 x 100 free @ 1.40
300 swim down
2500 metres

1 comment:

    and there really wasn't anything said about school shoes mother dearest,I think that came from your extremely unfair and opinionated brain
    yours sincerely
    teen triathlete :)