Friday 17 February 2012

Bermuda shorts, crowded pools and a Tesco session.

Made a lunchtime session at Consett today the decision was a bit of a double bind really, swim in a public session dodging the hordes or later in the Endless Pool.

As I walked into the pool, the manager came out of his office and recommended that I didn't go in "have you seen it in there Binge?". (well he actually called me Verity but there's some artistic licence here)

With some trepidation I changed and ventured in, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was imagining.I did however spend a large amount of time zig zagging across the pool avoiding such obstructions as a family with a beach ball, a couple of toddlers in arm bands and rubber rings, a group of teenagers choosing to "hang out" in the middle of the pool, and that guy with a screw kick and hideous Bermuda shorts.

I did get a bit of a respite when they switched the slide on.

So a bit of a Tesco session.

1200 warm up 66 swim 66 catch up
6 x 33 kick @ 55 secs
6 x 33's pull @ 40

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