Saturday 4 February 2012

Oops Day 3 and nearly missed out

What a day! madness and mayhem, starting with a telling off from my assistant "oh for god's sake stop fannying about". (Would you put up with that sort of abuse from an employee?)  and ended with my naive belief that courts are there to dispense justice and fairness well and truly shaken. (I can't really believe I've just written that.)

You would think that after over 25 years in this job I would have learnt my lesson and adopted a more cynical and jaded approach, but no, I still think that courts will aspire to be fair and do the right thing.

Just shows how much I know!, or maybe I'm just losing my touch, or even quite possibly I'm right with my conclusion that all magistrates are numptys completely devoid of any compassion or innate sense of what's right.

Well the upshot of this truly black Friday was I made it back to the office for 4pm having missed lunch and just as the public session at Consett ends. Dashing my hopes of a decent swim to take out my frustration on the water.

The only alternative I had to keep this challenge going was an endless pool session. I wasn't really enthusiastic about this prospect as I hate training on my own but I plunged into 22 degree water and covered a paltry 1300 metres.

I just collapse on the settee for the traditional and very boring Friday night fare of beer, pizza, sofa and TV when the phone goes, my business partner's gone off to play 5 aside football and forgotten to take his phone and he's on call oh and by the way there are two cases outstanding at Durham nick..... return home 2.30am Saturday morning.. post blog!

12 x 100 @ 1.50
50 breast kick
50 free

The link to the February Fitness Challenge website is

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