Saturday 3 March 2012

Saturday Session Hamstrung

Even the prospect of watching the British Swimming Championships live on the red button couldn't stir up any enthusiasm for the session this morning.

But wasn't it great to see a couple of local girls storming the 400 IM at the trials (even if they were trailing after Smiley Miley).

Bit of a different session for us this morning shortish stuff with a bit of extra rest and some form stuff (not that the extra rest helped) I was doomed to swim pants. I was saved from the 50's from a dive with a nasty pull in my calf/hamstring/leg. Which gave me an excuse to be a wuss.

800 warm up every 4th length IM order
16 x 25 @ 30 drill, catch up, finger trail, kayak and stretch
8 x 25's @ 60 sprint
200 breast @ 4.40
2 x 100 breast @ 2.30
4 x 50's breast @ 75
200 breast easy
4 x 100 @ 2 mins
4 x 75 @ 2 mins
1 x 50 from dive
150 swim down
3100 metres

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