Tuesday 27 March 2012

Darlington Dolphin Masters Meet 2012

It all started so well with a 2.35 for a 200 free, not great but a couple of seconds faster than last year, and ended ok with a slightly faster 100 IM, (although I had to work really really hard on the breaststroke leg to catch up to Marie Helene,) but we'll forget about the bits in the middle.

Had a great day out at Darlington with the Consett Crew (see photo,) if we all look a bit odd that's because our T-shirts are on back to front just to make sure you know where we're from.

Couldn't quite work up the enthusiasm for swim downs or even to warm up for the afternoon session, also I wasn't really paying attention to my times, too old and blind to see the electronic scoreboard after the swims and they haven't published them on the web yet. It was great having EMSC 1.0 on the pool side to tell you when you were swimming, like being a kid again....

900 warm up
200 free
50 free
100 breast
50 breast (team) 41.17
50 free
100 free
50 breast  40.98
100 IM

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