Wednesday 27 February 2013

Penultimate February Swim brings Binge back on track

I'm just about back on track for my 2013 mile a day challenge and Mr David Kinson (whose somewhat delayed arrival in this world caused a significantly hectic weekend for his dad and his mum to miss our wedding (the following day)) feigned interest in how I was getting on .

So David as promised (ok a day late) here's my Slog because trying to work out a counting widget thing is way beyond my technical ability.

133 free, 66 kick
66 swim 66 pull 66 kick
8 x 100 hard @ 2:00
200 steady @ 4 mins
8 x 100 alternate odd hard @ 2 mins, even steady @ 1: 45
66 swim, 66 kick, 66 swim
8 x 100 1 & 4 @ 2:00 hard, the rest steady @ 1:45
200 stretch
100 breast @ 2:00
66 breast @ 1:30
33 breast
233 swim down
3833 metres


  1. Great to see you back on track Binge.
    And yippee the February Fitness is over :)


  2. The big question NimNuts is can I keep it going? and are you off on a million metres jaunt again? was gutted about Day 21 but I suppose we did an extra one last year because of the leap year does that count?

  3. Well I wish you well on your quest, I'm sure the momentum you've gained from the FFC will help you along. I'm definitely not on a million meter mission this year, although one of my swimming buddies is trying to out do me by targeting 1.5 million meters. And I thought I was nuts!
    Unfortunately I too only managed 27/28 for the FFC, so yes please on carrying over last years extra day.