Thursday 7 February 2013

Disaster Averted (evidence of creeping senility?)

Oh no! escape from work, check in at home, negotiate some swim time with teenage triathlete (it cost me an M&S chinese), make it in and out of M&S's food department at the Metrocentre inside 7 mins, arrive at Gateshead Leisure Centre, miraculously find a parking spot within a light year of the entrance! so far so good!

Turn to pick up my Speedo Rucksack and disaster strikes, I've picked up the bloody wrong one! Whilst a note book, ipad and some post it notes may be extremely interesting, they are unfortunately not much cop if you're trying to go for a swim.

Deflated defeated and desolate at the prospect of missing my first day, I had no option but to turn around and go home. The endless pool has been out of commission since our flood so things looked pretty bleak. I had just reconciled myself to the prospect that I wasn't going to complete the February Fitness Challenge this year when that little light bulb clicked on and I googled the pool timetable for Consett.......

Woohoo an adult only session between 8pm and 9pm it was 8:06 pm saved; after the effort of this week I thought I'd just schlep up and down for a bit so pretty relaxed paddle.

1000 metres 100 swim 100 catch up
200 free pull 10s RI
2 x 100 pull 10s RI
1200 metres

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