Sunday 24 February 2013

Lightning doesn't strike twice or does it?

Now about three weeks ago, I cleverly dropped my iPad, and rather foolishly stuck my foot out to break its fall before it crashed onto the floor.

Very bad move, the corner of the device caught the top of my foot and the result was an excruciatingly painful and expressive expletive dance around the office.

The acute pain eventually subsided into a nasty red mark and an exquisite bruise on the top of my foot.

The healing process was not assisted by managing to bash my feet in the drainage trough which runs around the pool in a mistimed turn.

Then in the Saturday session using exactly the same injured area of my foot, I kicked Beckleberry dad in the head, and god does he have a hard skull! It interfered with the 50's breast as I had to stop and introduce the drama queen in me to my lane mates!

900 warm up as 200 free, 100 kick, 200 free 100 pull, 200 free 100 drill
6 x 100 Back @ 2:20
6 x 50 Breast @ 70 secs
4 x 25 Fly @ 40 secs
8 x 125's 50 pull 25 kick, 50 swim @ 2:40
300 swim down
3200 metres

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