Saturday 2 February 2013

Fitness Frog Fiesta Flounders with Fly

First Saturday session since last June struggled out of bed at 7:30 and chauferred Bob to the session in my new car (a bit of an impulse purchase last week when I managed to jam the door key in the lock of my old one.)

I guess I am a bit of a car salesman's dream as my tactics are simply to wander into my closest Ford garage and say I need a new car, The whole transaction took about 19 minutes which included my accepting I could have any colour provided it was ....Hot Magenta! Not sure what Henry Ford would make of that but a dark pink car is sort of growing on me.

Back to the session though we had the whole pool to ourselves as the kids were off swimming somewhere. Fairy Snow Baby had obviously given the session some thought and I wasn't complaining when he announced his plan was pull with paddles.

I had the luxury of a lane all to myself and spent the session trying to keep up with Beckleberry dad in the next lane, who was ably demonstrating the benefits of swimming consistently.

It all went pretty swimmingly until the 8 x 50's fly. Memories of the debacle of the 100 fly at the Nationals at October came flooding back here. I was left musing how swimming 3 strokes I could just about get to halfway, but by the time I'd struggled through 12 strokes I found myself in a sort of no man's land of about a metre off the wall and having completely lost all momentum and floundering trying to make the turn. Not fun I can tell you!

800 Warm up 400 free, 200 IM*, 200 choice (alt free, back, free, breast)
7 x 150 pull with paddles @ 2.45
8 x 75 @ 1:30 technique?
8 x 50's kick @ 1.30 (unplugged no kickboards)
8 x 50's @ 70 secs increasing fly 3 strokes, 6 strokes, 9 strokes, 12 strokes and repeat
450 swim down
3700 metres

*wimped out the fly

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