Tuesday 26 February 2013

Notes from a far flung Newcastle Outpost

Unusually for me I had an early morning swim today. I had a meeting in Newcastle at 9am and agreed to drive Teenage Triathlete to school.

I dropped her off around 7:40 and then thought about making my way to Gosforth (where my meeting was) to swim in the local pool there.

Now I've never swum at Gosforth Pool and had only the haziest idea of where it was located. I noticed en route to school that I'd driven past Fenham Pool and fearing a Tom Tom trauma, I thought it would be easier to go for a splash there.

What a great choice, a lovely old pool, with 2 lanes roped off and about 5 other people swimming laps. The water temperature was a great 27.6 and I was helpfully warned by the receptionist that I only had 65 minutes  of swimming left before the schools programme. I assured him that would be more than ample time.

I took things fairly easy and realised pretty early on that this was a yard pool which made a nice change.

I did plan to swim twice today to try and boost my yardage but a poorly teenage triathlete made  me feel really guilty as I was leaving the house this evening.

500 warm up swim 100, pull 100, kick 100 pull 100, swim 100
12 x 100 @ 1:45
8 x 50's
200 swim down
2300 yds
2000 metres

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