Monday 11 February 2013

Bingo Wing's Friction Burns predictably begin to appear.

Replaced Laptop and I'm all at sixes and sevens with a new version of Snag it software. Please bear with me as the pictures in this blog may be a little substandard while I work out how to use it.

Building on yesterday's revelation that I thought the training lark was beginning to pay off I can confirm now that I definitely have at least two different speeds, slow and not quite so slow.

This constant pounding is also beginning to take its toll on my body, and I'm beginning to end up with dry skin and friction burns on the inside of my arms.


I was late for the session and missed out the first 200 metres.

Warm Up
66 swim*
200 pull
133 kick
66 swim
6 x 33 @ 40secs progressive 1-3 & 4-6
5 x 466 as follows
133 odd sets hard @ 2:40 even easy @ 2:20
100 odd sets hard @ 2:00 even easy @ 1:45
66   odd sets hard @ 1:20 even easy @ 1:10
33   odd sets hard @ 40 secs even easy @ 35
133 stretch at end of each set 30s rest
700 pull swim down
3,700 metres

* this should have been 266 metres but my tardiness

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