Sunday 17 February 2013

Catch Up Sunday (or Elephant lands on unsuspecting swimmer)

17 days into the February Fitness Challenge and I'm beginning to suffer a bit of wear and tear from all of this effort.

I turned up for the Sunday afternoon session to find that EMSC 1.0 had been temporarily replaced by EMSC 2.0.

Despite the change in personnel the session on the white board had all the characteristics of an EMSC 1.0 session, particularly when we got to the 400m fly swim down.

The coach wasn't the only thing that was different; for some reason the other swimmers decided it would be ok to swap lanes and I ended up swimming at the back of the fast lane. Not good and things got even worse when that creature of swimming mythology the elephant of knackeredness landed pretty firmly on my back......aargh.  

Fortunately we had neither the time nor the inclination to complete 400m fly at the end of the session and we all simply thought that EMSC 1.0\2.0 was "having a laff". With a rare showing of solidarity (or survival instinct/self preservation) we all set off on a swim down without a stroke of fly in sight.

Warm Up
200 up free down back
133 up free down breast
66 free
7 x 333 swam as
3 x 33 odd sets on 35, even sets on 40
2 x 66 odd sets on 70, even sets on 80
1 x 100 odd sets on 1:45 even sets on 2:00
266 swim down
3000 metres total

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