Friday 25 February 2011

Middle aged exciting Friday Night.....A Short Tesco Session and then Vegetate...

Did you know that we are 15.3% through 2011 and I have now covered 25.1% of my annual yardage target? My toosmart spread sheet informed me of this fact when I added tonight's rather meagre efforts to my February total.

Kid's half term holidays made a lunch time sesh impractical, and my plans to slope off for a swim at Gateshead were quashed by teenage daughter's social life turning to mush. Racked with an unusual amount of parental guilt and conscience I gave up any aspiration of a trip to Gateshead Leisure Centre and settled for a dip in the Endless Pool.

I am hopeless at swimming in that flume, although I probably should be encouraged because I lasted longer than I did a fortnight ago or indeed at the beginning of the year. I was also able to rachet up the speed on the flume hence the increase in heart rate as shown below.

800 *warm up
2 x 400 @ 7mins 30 secs
2 x 100 pull @ 2 mins
200 swim down

*these distances are all approximations but are probably conservative estimates based on 100 strokes per 100 metres.

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