Saturday 5 February 2011

Fully Gadget Compliant? with 445,800 metres left.

Did I mention I'd misplaced the chest strap which compliments my too smart watch; so for the last week I've been swimming without the clever graphs or without the polarpersonaltrainer telling me I'm knackered and I should refrain from hard exercise or racing.

Well courtesy of Amazon, nearly 40 quid and a trip via the post office at some unfeasibly early time on the way training this morning I'm now fully gadget compliant... and once upon a time I thought all you needed was a cossie and goggles..

Training this morning was fairly steady, although the 150's nipped a bit. It included a nice 5 minute break, while the Fairy Snow Baby made "I'm Simon fly me" do a 200 timed swim because he missed the T 30 last week. Not sure that that really stacked up 30 minutes flat out swim versus 2 mins and 28 secs, but hey I for one was grateful for the rest.

600 Warm up 50 swim 50 drill
8 x 25 free sprint @ 35s
8 x 150 pull free @ 2.30 broken 10 secs rest @100*
200 back swim down
8 x 75's kick 50 steady 10 s RI, 25 hard 20 secs RI**
400 IM drill swim down
400 swim down

* These were a bit of a test, I started off swimming comfortably under 90 seconds for the first few 100m but knew I was in trouble when I thought we'd done 6 to be told it was only 5 and I still had 3 to go, I was really hanging on.
**As you may have noticed from my sessions I tend to do the stuff I like doing, and I simply hate kick and I'm awful at it, so these were tortuous...but I probably should do more.

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