Tuesday 22 February 2011

Endorphin Rush reduces annual swim total to 383,834 metres

There was  a good turn out in the girlies' lane tonight, Park Ranger, Awesome Emma, Quiet Claire (she just gets on with the session) and honorary girlie Bart the Shark checked in and we tackled this mega session.

Much to my disgust the guys in the top lane all wimped out before the end of the session. Synchro Dad starting the rot after an hour and was followed in short order by son of Beckleberry, and Paul the poolie. Matt the Cash stuck it out to half way through the 75's before he succumbed  and left the 5 of us as the last men standing.

I'm in a big push to try and hit 100,000 yards before next Tuesday so I set out to cover more than last Tuesday's 5,200 and was aiming for 5400 m in blocks of 600. I mixed it up a lot and tried to give everyone quite a bit to think about, there were some encouraging signs that we are all beginning to improve our fitness levels.

I came out of the pool feeling very satisfied and buzzing after a great work out, I could almost feel the endorphins kick in. I am looking forward to next week because I do need a day off.

600 warm up change stroke every 25
4 x 3 x 50's @ 55s swim 50, catchup 50, catch up 50
200 back @ 4mins
2 x 100 back @ 2 mins
4 x 50 back @ 60s
2 x 300 pull @ 5mins
3 x 200 @ 3.30 *
200 brst kick @ 5mins
2 x 100 brst @ 2.30
4 x 50 brst @ 70s
6 x 100 @ 1.55, 1.50, 1.45 x 2
8 x 75's @ 90s ba, brst, free
12 x 50's free @ 55 swim down working on streamlining
300 swim down**
5700m total

* the aim of this set was to count your stroke rate, and reduce by 1 stroke on each length on each repeat whilst holding the same time. I managed to swim 18 strokes for the 1st 200, and the 17 for the 2nd and although I held the time, I couldn't reduce my stroke count to 16 for the last one. I did swim about 3 minutes for each repeat tho.
** bit of yardage garbage with a couple of tolerant pool attendants.


  1. I am dismayed to discover that Paul the Poolie has been credited with a longer stint in the pool than 2 of the other males! Paul was the first of the top laners to slink away to the showers after a mere 45 minutes of training!

  2. Oops, shows how much notice I was paying, I'll correct it.