Sunday 20 February 2011

Deal with the Devil?

A "design" feature of the revamped and the new leisure centres in Gateshead are motivational quotations on the walls, inside the centres. As I was wandering the half mile or so around the outside to get back to my car on Friday night I noticed through the windows "getting older doesn't stop you playing, but playing stops you getting older".

Which when you get to my age has a certain resonance to it and is a truly inspirational thought, however the person who came up with this obviously wasn't 20 days into the February Fitness Challenge....despite the improvement in form I am absolutely knackered, there is not a part of me that does not ache.

But I'm almost into the last week of this and in some ways this will be the most challenging. Apart from the inevitable fatigue it's school half term so I'm not too sure about how I'm going to manage the lunchtime sessions. The pool will be chock full of kids and trying to swim laps will be difficult and potentially dangerous. Last year I was severely rebuked by a life guard for swimming through a group of teenagers who were standing in a clump in the shallow end.

The other options are endless pool sessions, or selling my soul to teenage daughter to persuade her that she really wants to sit in a swimming pool and watch her mum swim up and down for Consett's session, I shudder to think what that is going to cost me in either Top Shop or iTune downloads.

A mercifully brief session today. Why is it that I turn upon the pool side determined that this is going to be a steady, comfortable session and instead I end up expending much more effort and energy than I intended. Is it that it's just hard swimming properly?

400 warm up
9 x 66 @ 1.20 progressive 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 swum as easy 33 easy33, hard 33 easy 33, hard 33 hard 33
3 x 4 x 33 IM @ 2.45*
4 x 200 @ 3.40 steady reduce stroke count each 66
6 x 33 @ 1min alternating freestyle/breast
266 swim down
2866 m

*still drilling the fly
* 27's, 26's, 25's, & 26's, 25's, 24's, & 24's, 23's, 21's & 24's, 22's, 21's & 19 for last 33

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