Thursday 24 February 2011

Bl**dy Piano Lessons and a Confession

I suppose now is as good a time as ever to fess up that my reporting of the wimpy boys lane on Tuesday evening was slightly inaccurate; in that Synchro Dad did not lead the charge out of the pool, apparently Paul the Poolie headed for the showers a clear 15 mins beforehand, sorry guys I should pay more attention, but you should all be there till the bitter end.

Yet again teenage daughter's piano lesson threw a mega spanner in the February Fitness Challenge works, when she rang me at work at 4.30pm to tell me that her piano lesson had been brought forward to 6.30pm. Thereby disqualifying her dad from his usual taxi duties, and placing my Thursday night swim in jeopardy. Of course she'd only known since last Thursday.

Despite this I was only 15 minutes late for this evening's session. We were clearly all in a chatty mood as there were some fairly lengthy breaks whilst we negotiated what we were going to do next. During the course of one hiatus, Fairy Snow Baby and I were discussing some one we swam with in the 70's when Babyface Student piped up that she wasn't born until 1991...boy did that make me feel old.

I was the only one who did the set of 100's at the end because I'm desperately trying to hit 100,000 metres for the month and I needed to cover at least 3300 (this is all getting way too serious).

The weekend is a bit of a swimming desert and to cover this distance I'm going to have to swim twice on Saturday and possibly do a lunchtime session on Monday and hit the Triathlon session on Monday evening. Hmm is it really worth that much effort and that many heartbeats?.....

200 warm up
4 x 150's free @ 2.40
8 x 50 @ 60s prog 1-4 5-8
4 x 150's free @ 2.50 progressive,
swum as 1st 150 steady, 2nd hard 50 easy 100, 3rd hard 100 easy 50, 4th hard
8 x 50's brst  @ 70
10 x 100 pull @ 1.45*
500 swim down

* These were really comfortable hitting 90's for the swim, and keepng my pulse rate in the 130-133 range

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