Friday 4 February 2011

Lunchtime sessions and cold showers.... 449,200 metres left.

Hi there it's still cyclone like outside just about blown off my feet dashing from the car to the pool as I managed to grab a quick 50 minute (well ok 48 minutes) swim at lunchtime. Determined to complete this challenge I decided you just have to forget about all the things you should be doing and give your swimming a bit of priority, no pressure there then.

Fairly short session as "Billy no mates". I did however learn that it is advisable to check the temperature of the shower before you put shampoo/shower gel on your head...Brrrrr

1000 Warm Up as 66 free, 33 ba, 66 free, 33  br x 5
5 x 66 @ 75 pull, catch up
5 x 66 @ 75 pul breathing 8 strokes up the pool, 6 strokes down
5 x 66 @ 75 pull
200 brst kick
200 swim down
2400 m

The great thing about swimming at lunch time is that I can conk out on the sofa and fall asleep watching the telly.... what an exciting way to spend Friday night, don't you just love being a grown up!

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