Wednesday 23 February 2011

Not toosmart Swimmer with Elephant dropped on back outsmarted by Mouse

Good old Amazon came up trumps and my new toosmartwatch chest strap arrived in the post today, only the third strap in 7 weeks. I also adopted drastic measures and decided I'd better change the bag I carry my kit in as the top is too wide and all the gear I cart around in it has a tendency to fall out.

Concerned about the expense I reverted to my old Speedo knapsack, which had been decommissioned after sustaining a mouse attack. I walked into my kitchen to see the rodent making a bid for freedom by jumping into my swim bag on the floor. I was too much of a wuss to extricate it, so I thought I'd imprison it by zipping the top up, leaving Bob to dispatch and dispose of the body when he came in.

This seemed like a smart idea except I made no allowance for sharp rodent dentures and ingenuity as the thing simply gnawed through my bag and made good its escape, leaving a mouse size hole in the bottom of the bag. I reckon the hole is too small for the chest strap to fall out of.

I know I've been banging on about having no speed in my swimming but I walked in to a monstrous sprinty session at Consett tonight, which was bl**dy hard work. No one told Cookie that the fast stuff should be put off till next month.

I was pleased with the earlier part of the set, swimming between 49 and 51 secs for the max efforts, my lane mates Clarkie and Sparkie and I were discussing whether it was better with the longer rest or the more frequent active rest repeats. By the last set when the active rest disappeared altogether, we had our answer.

The wheels completely fell off by the second and third repeat and by the final 66 I had an Elephant on my back who started to play the piano over the last 15 metres. Although my pulse rate was still skyrocketing my times fell away to 53's and 55's

266 warm up
3 x 33 @ 60s max 10m
100 steady
3 x 33 @ 60 s max 20m
100 steady
3 x 33 @ 60s max 30m
16 x 66 @ 75s*
swam as 4 sets 1 x 66 max 3 x 66 steady
1 mins RI between sets
12 x 66 @ 90s
swam as 4 sets 1 x 66 max 2 x 66 steady
1 mins RI between sets
8 x 66 @ 1.45s
 swam as 4 sets 1 x 66 max 1 x 66 steady
1 mins RI between sets
4 x 66 @ 2.00 mins max
600 swim down
3466 m

*on the second easy repeat my mind wandered and I set off thinking it was a max effort, it was only as I began to catch up with Sparkie after about 30 m I realised I'd bollocksed it all up.


  1. V
    Sorry but which model too smart watch was it again ? I really need to get one. (With chest strap)

  2. Hi TV

    It's a Polar FT 80, congratulations on being my first follower.