Tuesday 15 February 2011

Bingo Wings Friction Burns..and another 5200m closer.

Well if last weeks Tuesday session left me with swimming hickeys, tonight's efforts have produced a rather different injury..... friction burns on the inside of the tops of my arms... Bingo Wings Burns. I apologise now for too much information and a pretty ugly mental image.

Do you remember the old bri nylon costumes (with a skirt) which used to give you friction burns on your neck and under your arms. I guess you wouldn't if you were a bloke, but what us girlies have to put up with in the name of our sport.

Turned up at the pool tonight, and fellow girlies where were you? there was only Bart the Shark and the Park Ranger turned out for our lane. I think I'll make Bart the Shark an honorary girlie.

The Fairy Snow Baby and I were initially completely clueless as to what we should do but we agreed we should be aiming for 5k and then we each came up with about half a session which seemed to work pretty well. In the end we comfortably managed 5.2k in about 1hr 50mins. I reckon we'll be up to 6k in the next month or so.

600 warm up up free down o/c
8 x 125 @ 2.30 50 pull, 25 kick, 50 swim*,
3 x 300 @ 5.20 reduce 1 stroke each length each repeat**
6 x 50 @ 65 fly, ba, br x 2 drill
3 x 300 @ 5.20 100 swim 100 c/up 100 swim
6 x 50 @ 65 fly, ba, br x 2 drill
3 x 300 @ 5.20 progressive
6 x 50's free @ 60s
5200 m

*this is my all time favourite swim set. Mentally I approach it by starting with a hard 50 pull, then I tell myself I'm giving my arms a rest during the kick so I can blast the swim.
** reduced from 18 stroke to 17 strokes to 16 strokes

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