Saturday 26 February 2011

Saturday Dilemma?

You might have gleaned that I was dipping out of the idea of 2 swims today. There were only 3 of us at the pool for this morning's sesh when I arrived I left Bill and Ben (Barbara really but Ben sounds better) swimming and set out to try and atone for last night's feebility (I've just made that word up).
About half way through the warm up Synchro Dad and the Fairy Snow Baby turned up, and I stopped to brief them on where I was.

The FSB proclaimed he wanted a doss session, and off he went, 1000m kick a doss? Synchro Dad and I decided that we wanted to do some pull. Me because I'm inherently lazy and anything for an easy life, and Synchro Dad cos he was going on a long bike ride in Yorkshire. (Who said we're not a cosmopolitan lot)

Anyway between us we came up with the following session, not sure what it really did for me, but it took me over the 100,000 yards mark for the month and toosmart watch told me at the end of the work out that "fitness and fat burning improving" won't argue with that.

1200 Warm up alternate 100 swim 100 drill
6 x 200 @ 3.30 progressive*
8 x 50 @ 65 alt brst & back
4 x 125 @ 2.30 medley changeover
300 swim @ 5 mins
2 x 150 @ 2.30
3 x 100 @ 1.45
400 swim down
4600 metres
Coffee and Croissants

* went from 3.14 down to a 2.56....

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