Sunday 6 February 2011

Sunday Swimming & the Near Death Experience

Dropped in to Consett Masters to get my Sunday swim in and found myself working pretty hard in this session. That's one of the problems when you get a decent rest between repeats there's a temptation to try harder and swim faster.

So there I was hanging on for grim death and just about to push off for my final 100 m repeat when I glanced down at too smart watch and it was showing my pulse rate at 217! Now at my age my maximum heart rate should be somewhere around 165-170 and that sort of level I think I'm probably pretty close to being clinically dead. Here's the print out of my heart rate over the session.

The two red peaks show my heart rate at 217 and 221, too smart watch tells me that the 221 reading is 131% of my maximum heart rate. Should I be worried or is it just a techno glitch. I'll go with the latter, cos I'm still here and feel fine and at the end of the sesh too smart watch told me the effect was "Maximal perf and fitness improving" no mention there of imminent demise then.

Well yesterday when I first posted this I had to add the following apology "Now I'm sure that there must be a more technically proficient way of uploading the graph to this blog, but I couldn't work out how to do it, so I went for the low tech option of taking a picture of the screen and uploading that so I apologise for the poor quality." as you can see from the above I was introduced to a bit of clever software which allows me to capture screen shots..... Whoa Binge Swimmer techno nerd and thanks to EJ for the steer.

400 @ 7.30s warm up
3 x 200 @ 4 mins  (swam 3.10, 3.05 & 3.02)
8 x 100 @ 2 mins
6 x 33.3 @ 60 s kick
6 x 33.3 @ 60s sprint
200 swim down
2400 m


  1. Aha - you got me looking with that graph. With my small laptop screen I had to squint a little. Looks to me like your heart rate went crazy after one of the 100s swim and after a 33 kick. I'd hazard a guess that there was a measurement error and that you weren't really about to keel over.

    However, I too have become interested in a too smart watch so I too can over-analyse my training. It should also highlight my counting errors as you can quite clearly see how many reps have been completed.

  2. Hi Manic,
    I have to say that it's really cool and I love it, I agree about the error Incumbent Chris (who rides to the sessions on an incumbent velocipede oh alright Bike) was also wearing a too smart watch and I wonder if I was picking up some interference from hers) it makes for a bit of a story though otherwise the blog would have a very boring heading and would be an even more boring blog.

    You're right about the over analysing bit as well, and the counting....I wonder if Polar would put me on commission. Not sure if they have a model that would record the amount of heart beats you must get through with all those 200's mental.


  3. Hi, I always train with a polar heart rate
    Monitor and if any swimmers in my lane or ajpining lanes also wear a heart rate monitor ......... My heart rate goes MAD !!!

    Interference that's what I reckon !!!

  4. Hi Nools

    I had worked that out, I reckon it was all Incumbent Chris's fault, mind you my too smart watch didn't seem to effect hers maybe my watch isn't quite as smart as I think or hers is simply lots smarter.


  5. Hi Binge Swimmer,
    If you want to dump screenshots to your blog - try this Its a really cool tool. Sorry about being a nerd !

  6. EJ

    That is so cool, I could spend the rest of the night farting about with this but this is good enough.....I didn't know nerds drank mojitos...