Thursday 10 February 2011

Teenage lurgy?.......... 428,400 metres left

Bit of a hectic day and I've still got some homework to do so consequently this is a mercifully short post. Reporting on quite a short session because I was late for training this evening, due to an ill daughter protesting about being left home alone for 40 minutes. Hope she doesn't pass her lurgy on to me as that will properly kibosh my February Fitness Challenge.

Pretty busy at training, so I slipped into the big guy's lane and schlepped along at the back. I was trying to take it easy as a sort of recovery session, The Fairy Snow Baby had a bit of a medley theme going and I had to drill the fly cos there's no way my arms will come out of the water simultaneously.

200 warm up'
4 x 50's
400 IM 25 kick, 25 drill 50 swim
4 x 4 x 50  65 s Medley order
12 x 50's medley changeover @ 60
4 x 50's @ 60 free
200 swim down

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