Thursday 17 February 2011

Methane Emissions in session blow out.

There's still open warfare going on between Teenage Daughter and myself, so the swimming session provided a welcome opportunity to escape from the house.

No Fairy Snow Baby tonight, leaving the session negotiations to me and Matt the Cash (our master's section treasurer). I sorted the warm up, Matt chipped in with a bit of a quality set and I added the Medley's at the end.

Once we got going I moved into the guy's lane and hung off the back, big mistake, one of the down sides of chain swimming is that on occasions as you move into someone's slot to push off you get a wiff of their garlic breath. Well tonight was even worse, as I moved over to follow my lane mate, a big bubble of methane gas burst onto the surface at the exact same moment that I took in a deep breath before pushing off.

Bleargh not pleasant. That'll teach me to take a full 5 secs before I push off and not try and draft off the swimmer in front. Apart from that particular incident (and in the interests of squad unity and to save the sensitivity of the malodorous individual he will remain anonymous.) the session was really good, the quality set went much better than I'd expected, I was holding 83's for the 100's.

200 warm up
5 x 50 s free swim, kick, swim, drill swim @ 60s Kick @ 75
5 x 50's brst swim, kick, swim, drill swim @ 70s Kick @ 90
5 x 50 s free swim, kick, swim, drill swim @ 60s Kick @ 75
5 x 50's brst swim, kick, swim, drill swim @ 70s Kick @ 90
4 x 100 @ 2mins hard  holding 83s*
4 x 75 @ 2 mins hard holding 61's
6 x 50 @ 90s hard 40's last one 38
3 x 200 IM's @ 4 mins  3.30's
4 x 100 IM's @ 2 mins  1.15s
4 x 50's medley changeover @ 60s
300 swim down

*Now in the big scheme of things 83's are pretty average but given where I was at the beginning of the year this seems like quite an achievement. Especially after yesterday's session.


  1. Hi there Bingeswimmer. That looked like a long speed set to me. I'd have done at least a 200 easy after each part.

    Good swimming and I'm enjoying the blog.

  2. Yeah Manic but you would be swimming fast, I'm barely moving at the mo...but thanks for the encouraging comments