Saturday 19 February 2011

Small but perfectly formed.. and a break through session 396,400 metres left

Despite the cold wet and sleety start to the day I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Saturday morning is my favourite session of the week. Fallling out of bed at around 7.25am is a bit of a struggle, and it always takes me over 30 minutes to get to Heworth pool so I'm invariably late, but I love the new pool there, it's small (4 lanes) but perfectly formed. A great training temperature, wave eraser lane ropes and deck level so it's really smooth to swim in, and that's the training over by 9.45am.

I have to say that the pool staff there are also very tolerant, as while I've been on this February Fitness Kick I've swam a fair bit of garbage yardage as a swim down at the end of the session when my team mates have headed for the showers. The staff have simply left me there and taken the lane ropes out around me. Not one of them has shouted at me to get out so a big thank you to them.

Turned up this morning and there was only 2 of our lot in the pool, the kids squad which we share the pool with were at a swim meet. I selected an empty lane and was eventually joined by Synchro Dad and we worked our way through this little was pretty unremarkable safe for the fact that I notched up my first 100,000 metres, and oh no yet again not too smart swimmer has lost the chest strap for the toosmartwatch... another 40 quid?

10 x 50's free @ 60s*
10 x 50's free @ 55s
6 x 50 fly kick on back @ 75s
800 pull with paddles @ 13.30
600 Pull @ 10.30
400 swim @ 7mins
200 hard**
9 x 50's @ 65 medley changeover
350 swim down

*the end of this set put me on 100,000 metres for the year.
** managed a 2.58, which isn't a particularly stunning time but represented a serious change of pace from the previous plod.

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