Saturday 26 July 2014

No Coach "T" is for Taper not 30 minutes timed swim!!!!!

It's funny isn't it how sometimes you miss the most amazing things right in your own backyard.

I've worked in my office for almost 30 years and yesterday I was shamed by Teenage Triathlete into walking down to the local Morrisons to buy lunch.

Ordinarily I would simply wander along Middle Street to Greggs for my lunchtime sustenance. However on our return we walked up a back lane and about 75 metres from my office we came upon this little oasis of calm.

I was blown away and whiled away a glorious half hour eating my sandwiches there at lunchtime today. This snatched peace and tranquility was a far cry from the frenzy of the Saddo Session at Newcastle this evening.

EMSC 7.0 was in fine sadistic form and was heard to mutter "oh oh she won't like this" as I walked onto the poolside this evening. He has very obvious psychic qualities because he was darned right I did not like it not one little bit! Does he not understand the T word is taper not timed swim and certainly not thirty minute timed swim.

The only silver lining in this piece of excruciatingness was that we could swim it how we wanted and with whatever aids we wanted. I therefore selected pull with paddles and set off. I'm not really sure that this was particularly sensible in the week before the Worlds start, but I guess my swimming will naturally tail off next week anyway as I try to clear my desk before leaving so it probably will have worked itself out of my system.

12 x 50 @ 75 Progressive 1-4, 5-8, 9-12
30 mins timed swim pull with paddles 1950 metres
6 x 50 @ 75
50 swim down
3000 metres

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