Sunday 20 July 2014

Girls on Tour: The Trip to Trieste Day 2 Lost in Translation Saturday 5th July

Saturday 5th July and we were off to the Bruno Bianchi Swimming Pool for the Masters Swimming Open Day.

The Italian day was focused on the over 65 years and they had thought about trying to arrange a Guinness world record attempt for the most over 65 year olds in a relay.

The day started with a tour of the  facilities which were incredible an indoor 10 lane 50 metre pool, Outdoor 50 metre pool and a diving competition pool.

We met our host and the delegates from the Netherlands and LEN and then attended a round table with representatives from different sports,
the medical profession and local government.

Now this was not as informative as you may imagine because it was conducted in Italian and my language skills just about manage to communicate in and comprehend English.

Shazza and I were assisted by the LEN rep Katharina (who spoke no fewer than 6 languages engendering feelings of complete inadequacy in me) and pretty much picked up the gist of it.

By now the swimmers had graduated to the outdoor pool for their relay, and we had the opportunity to chat about Masters whilst enjoying the spectacle, (note a 55 x 50 over 65 years relay team does take rather a long time and loses a touch of urgency).

Whilst photos and presentations took place we managed to sneak into the outdoor pool for a quick swim (a rather token 600 metres).
Our day concluded with a meeting to discuss the project and results and then Shazza and I hit the Beach.

Now the term "Beach" may well be introducing a note of hyperbole, as there was no sand and  amazingly it was segregated with women on one side and men on the other.

Anyway it was a gorgeous early evening and we covered a very civilised 800 metres (extremely  rough estimate) head up breaststroke before dragging ourself off for dinner.

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