Sunday 27 July 2014

Hercules? don't bother, 2 hours of your life you won't get back.

We had a family trip to the flicks last night, and there was a heated debate about which movie we saw. Now heated debate is a bit of an overstatement, Bob said "I'd like to see Hercules" and TT and I said "OK".

We went for dinner first and on the way into the movie Bob handed me his tub of ice cream to look after while he nipped off to the loo. (I'm not normally so obliging, but it did give me a chance to taste Ben and Jerry's Smores ice cream.)

TT and I located our seats and I sat down and without thinking I dropped Bob's Ice Cream into the Drink Holder on the arm of the chair. I then looked into the holder and realised that the tub was about 4 inches below the level of the arm rest and it was virtually impossible to extricate from the hole.

Now you know when something's not really that funny but for some reason it just strikes you (and only you ) as absolutely hilarious? TT turned round to see me absolutely creased with tears rolling down my cheeks as I struggled unsuccessfully to remove the tub. Just incase you wanted to know, Bob, being an engineer, was able to remove the tub and enjoy what was left of his ice cream, which of course was enhanced by the thumb prints I'd left in it during my efforts.

TT and I both thought that there was an element of justice in this for inflicting on us the worst movie we'd ever seen.

So onto training today, this week I was Billy No Mates as I was the only Master who turned up, botheration no where to hide from EMSC 1.0 so I had to work pretty hard throughout the set. The hard stuff was encouraging and I'm clearly going in the right direction but not as quickly as I would like. A case of Binge Swimming chickens coming home to roost perhaps.

400 warm up @ 7:30 (should've been 7 mins but sneaked an extra 30 secs!)
200 hard @ 4 mins 2:58
2 x 200 @ 3:30 steady
2 x 100 hard @ 2 mins 1:25.9, 1:23.9
4 x 100 @ 1:45 steady
3 x 66 hard @ 1:30 59, 55, 53
6 x 66 @ 1:10 steady
6 x 33 @ 40 hard  29.1, 29.7, 28, 27, 26, 25 ish
700 pull swim down
3100 metres

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