Saturday 10 December 2011

Temperature reality check!

No Matt the Cash this morning, he's obviously saving himself for his day out at the South Yorkshire Masters Meet in Sheffield tomorrow. This left me to come up with the uninspiring work out at the bottom of this post.

I know I've been whinging on about how cold it's been this week, but I pulled this image off Nuala (Mad)-Muir-Cochrane's Facebook page after her little sprint set in some lido pool in deepest darkest north London this morning, (I'm guessing Parliament Hills) makes me look a real wuss.

So with a mere (God doesn't that sound good) 17,978 metres to go in the 2011 Binge challenge, the question is do I go for a double dip today? I'm wavering and becoming a bit complacent here.....

I do like to leave on a cliff hanger!!!!!!

8 x 75's warm up @ 10s RI 25 swim, 25 drill 25 swim
25m to swim to deep end to see the clock
800 pull with paddles @ 60s RI
600 pull with paddles @ 40s RI
400 pull with paddles @ 30s RI
200 pull with paddles
10 x 50's @ 65 working on streamlining at start and the turns
6 x 4 x 25 IM @ 1.55
325 metres swim down
4100 metres


  1. But will you be swimming after the 24th V. If not you only have 12 days after today. Perhaps you could call them the 12 days of Christmas?? Less than 2K a day ! Easy. Unless .......................

  2. I don't really want to TV but we have sessions on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve (both am) and a couple on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week between Christmas and New Year, I could probably do 16K in those sessions alone but it would be nicer if I swam then because |I wanted to not because I had to! Hey if you're up in Sunderland over that time get in touch and join us!.


    I do like the 12 days of Christmas theme theme tho...

  3. Thanks for the invite Binge, unfortunately we were up a week ago doing all the visits so we can spend the 'Holiday period at home for a change.
    I did 2 sessions at Sunderland. (I do like that pool).
    I am sure we will be up soon. Outline plan to do the Darlington Masters in March not sure yet though.

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