Thursday 22 December 2011

Christmas Dip & Chicken Dippers

Ooh as feared the inevitable Christmas slump is upon me, as I descend into madness trying to do the zillion things in time for the holiday. After a particularly gruelling day I decided I would collapse in front of the telly with a drink.

Collecting the glass from the kitchen I held it under the fridge ice dispenser there was a gurgle and a growl and my kitchen appliance dispensed into my glass 2 whole chicken nuggets and a macerated mulch of breadcrumbs and bits of nugget.

Does your freezer end up so full that you stuff things in the ice making compartment?  Neither teenage triathlete nor Bob would fess up to this although they both thought it was hilarious. (Mental note clean out the freezer!)

Amidst the Christmas chaos I found time to slip away on Thursday afternoon to take a further 1800 metres off my total.The pool was pretty quiet which came as a pleasant surprise as it is school holidays. Only 5908 metres to go.

800 warm up
8 x 100 @ 1.45
200 swim down

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