Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve Session and 99.6% there (according to the spreadsheet)

The Saturday session was sparsely attended today as the majority of  Gateshead swimmers found more useful ways to spend their Christmas Eve morning.

Fairy Snow Baby turned up with one of the baby fairy snow babies, who gamely worked her way through his session. (although in the 10 minutes it took the two of us to finish off the kick set she managed to swim 4 x 100's and 6 x 50's (allegedly) at about Michael Phelps pace).

We bashed through this set which put me within a session of my half a million metres... on that thought have a lovely Christmas and here's to 2012 challenges.......

600 warm up change stroke every 25
6 x 300's @ 5.15 2 pull with paddles, 2 pull, 2 swim *
12 x 50's medley changeover @ 70 seconds
6 x 100 kick with fins @ 2.20
450 swim down
4100 metres total

* miscounted here and swam 50 too much

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