Saturday 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve (more of a whimper than a bang.)

Here's how I did it!
With the euphoria of completing my Binge Challenge on Christmas day I haven't quite atrophied or suffered from chlorine withdrawal.

In fact Teenage Triathlete and I turned up for the Thursday Session at Gateshead Leisure Centre (along with quiet Clare) only to discover that it wasn't on. (for some reason that session always catches me out).

But the Saturday morning session was, and we were joined by Sumo and Judo who made the trek from Cumbria, to swim, shop and ultimately join in the New Year festivities at the Binge household in deepest darkest Ebchester.

Now being in such elevated company as Judo, I was trying desperately hard to stay on her feet (and failing miserably) but I did manage the set of 100's off 1.35 (thanks for the tow Judy.) As you can imagine there was a fair bit more chat and a bit less swimming during the session which meant we didn't quite cover 3k, which I might have managed, had I not been half way to the pool when I realised I'd left my kit behind.

400 warm up mixed strokes
8 x 100 @ 1.35
16 x 50 @ 65 medley order
8 x 50's kick(with fins) @ 1.20
12 x 25's medley order @ 45s
100 swim down
2800 metres
502,842 metres.

So 2011 ended with a (fairly) gentle paddle, but having been well and truly bitten by this blogging and swimming lark I'm planning to continue (not sure whether that's good or bad news for everyone.) I also thought I'd give the blog a new look for the new year so watch this space, have a great evening and all the best for next year.


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