Friday 9 December 2011

Happy Birthday Donny

I'm going to dedicate my swim this afternoon to Mr Donny Osmond who celebrates his 54th Birthday today, not that there's much left of today to celebrate.

Quite a few people obviously had the same idea as the pool was pretty busy and there was a far bit of ducking and diving whilst navigating through the session.

I gave a young guy in a pair of hideous Bermuda shorts with an awful screw kick a bit of a scare; when he stopped to turn round at one end and I followed him into the wall swimming back crawl and only just stopped myself tumbling and planting my feet in an unmentionable place. It was of course his fault as he exhibited a rubbish sense of direction choosing to swim diagonally across the pool!

A bit more garbage yardage this afternoon but I thought the 200's were encouraging.

1000 warm up 66 drill, 66 swim
7 x 200 @ 3.15 pull with paddles (all under 2.55)
6 x 33 breaststroke kick @ 50 s
3 x 4 x 33 IM @ 3mins forwards, reverse, forwards.
300 swim down
3300 metres total

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