Saturday 10 December 2011

Double Dip Saturday

So for the third Saturday in a row the Binge made a double swim session, clearing the Ryton Tri Session just in time to dash home change and head out to the hostelries of Durham City, (the Court Inn to be precise) for Durham Tri Club's Annual Christmas Bash and Awards evening.

Now as the name may suggest this particular establishment is a little close to the Crown Court, the Prison and Durham nick for my liking and the cartoons painted on the wall of desolate  looking criminals behind bars was a bit close for comfort in respect of the day job, but the food was good and the company and the crack was great.

And congratulations to Ellen Ann and Donna who ran the raffle with brutal efficiency ....... Thanks for the hospitality guys we had a great night...

Fortunately the alcohol wasn't sufficient enough to eradicate the session from my memory.

450 metres warm up
5 x 50's 20m fist 30m swim
400 free hard every 4th length
8 x 100 @ 1.45 finger trail 1st 25 swim last 75
400 free hard every 4th length
8 x 100 free 25m kick 75 m pull with paddles
400 free hard every 4th length
428m swim down

I did actually swim out to the 14 metre mark and then swam back to tidy up my cumulative total (ie. get rid of the odd 28 metres)

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