Saturday 3 December 2011

Kicking Saturday

For the second Saturday in a row I thought I'd try two swim sessions so I ducked into the Ryton Tri session this afternoon and was rewarded with a further 4100 metres leaving me with less than 30,000 metres to cover in the next 4 weeks. Now I reckon that's eminently doable!

It was pretty painful trying to swim the second session and I paid for it in the second set of fast 100's which were anything other than fast.

The session was fortunately cut short by a demand from teenage triathlete that I take her to the Metro Centre because she desperately needed new mascara for going out this evening! "I really really.... really need this mum!" Why do I give in? (to escape the rest of this session?)

On looking back over today I reckon I've swum more kick today than I've done in the whole year and god I really really ....REALLY hate kick.

800 swim with fins every 4th length kick
12 x 25 with fins fly kick on back on 10s RI
4 x 100 sprint @ 2.20  84,s last one 82
800 pull with paddles
4 x 100 @ 10 s with fins shark fin drill
4 x 100 sprint @ 2.20 completely knackered by now
600 pull with paddles
6 x 50's finger trail
100 swim down
4,100 metres total

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