Friday 25 November 2011

Suicidal Pigeon Snatched from Jaws of Death by passing Swimmer

Another Suicidal Pigeon
With my fascination for wildlife with a death wish, see here and here  this really made me chuckle this afternoon, about the only light relief in an otherwise monotonous week.

I did however have a proper lunch break and made it to the pool where I weaved my way between a bunch of guys playing with their woggles and occasionally straying into my path.

As you may have gathered by now I really like swimming pull and with the paddles the session flies over (anything for an easy life) I was swimming pretty well although I lost it a bit on the 3rd repeat. My efforts took me to a grand total of 443,688 metres for the year, 56,000 give or take to cover in 36 days.

800 warm up @ 66 free, 33 back, 33 breast
3 x 600 pull with paddles  @ 9.45 *
3 x 4 x 33 IM @ 2.50
66 swim down
3266 Total

* no 1  8.55
   no 2  9.02
   no 3  9.12

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